Life in the poor side Harare

2018 is a year many people in Zimbabwe would like it to lapse very quickly especially in my neighborhood of Glen View .From 2009 when I was doing grade 7 upto 2013 when i finished my O level exams ,electricity and water distribution improved drastically.Thanks to the leadership of Prime minister Tsvangirayi ,books 📚 were distributed in schools by Hon David Coltart . Children were able to enroll at schools that they never thought they can afford.

Fast Forward to 2013 -2017 things started to fall but at a rate not faster than what we are seeing in 2018.In November 2018 ,people hoped that things will change ,since the political situation had changed but to their surprise things got worse water shortages , loadshedding ,varnishing of basic commodities in stores ,price hikes ,Cholera and typhoid outbreaks and Shortages of USD started.

Now , people are in constant fear of diseases outbreaks especially this rainy Season.The neighborhood is not prepared enough . water ways are blocked by Rubbish and sand .Tanks that were installed by authorities to provide water to residents have ran out  of  water and no one is filling them up.


SHIPPING AND logistics

Shipping and Logistics is course or programme that can assist students who want to pursue many things in their life i.e clearing and forwarding,warehouse management,Movement of dangerous goods e.t.cbut many students in Zimbabwe are facing major problems when doing this course but I’ve opened this blogsite to help them with some of the resources they require for free and I hope they can use and compare them with the data they already have and pick up some few important points .Watch this space

Thank you